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User experience oriented, innovative, cross-platform and ever-evolving.


Site installation, hosting, and customization. Everything you need from hosting courses to course design and development., from managing course enrollment to running reports.

Interactive Story Telling

Telling stories with innovative visuals, videos, audios, sounds and voice over.

Curriculum Design & Development

Design and develop curricular aligning with adult learning theories. Bite sized content with job related tasks and evaluation.

moodle design

Moodle Installation & Customization

Moodle site hosting, installation, migration, upgrade to newer version, theme customization, reports, course and student management, enrollment management…

Interactive Story Telling

Telling stories in interactive and innovative means. Whiteboard animation, infographics, videos and audios, everything that can add to the story.

Interactive Tutorial

Curriculum Design & Development

We believe that learning should serve job performance. We believe that people learn faster if they are:

Learning by DOING

Assessed FOR learning

Learning one bite-size a time

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Interactive Tutorial

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