Interactive Timeline

Fiscal Year-End Course

This course is probably the shortest among all the Financial Fundamentals series, but it still contains a lot of information. For the introduction part, I used Adobe After Effects as my main development tool. Different from last time with Asset Management course, this time I… Read More »Fiscal Year-End Course

Basic Accounting

Interactive tutorial Developed with Articulate Storyline. Tutorial is about one and half hours long. Users will learn basic accounting concepts and guidelines in sections. At the end of each section, users will go through knowledge checks and assessment questions.

basic accounting

Articulate Storyline Courses

Click here and here for sample interactive learning tutorials that I developed with Articulate Storyline, VideoScribe, Adobe Premier, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. Sample screenshots for: Interactive File Cabinet animation:             Interactive “Money Tree” Animation:               VideoSribe… Read More »Articulate Storyline Courses

Training and Workshops

Working at Georgia Tech, I provide consultations and workshops on selection and use of technology in learning and curriculum design. Sample training materials and workshops include: Moodle Site Installation and Course Administration (2020) Articulate 360 Knowledge Share (2019) Desire2Learn LMS Knowledge Share (2019) You Built… Read More »Training and Workshops

CEISMC RT3 Online Course Standards

CEISMC RT3 Online Course Standards [gview file=”https://tech4teaching.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/CourseDevelopmentStandards.pdf” width=”100%” save=”0″]

EDIT 6190

EDIT 6190 (Instructional Design) Level: Graduate Delivery mode: in classroom Role: Teaching Assistant (primary responsibility: delivered in-class presentation on Flash CS3; addressed students’ problems and addressed questions. ) Use of Instructional/Multimedia Technology: Adobe Flash CS 3 Click here to view the edit studio website (EDIT… Read More »EDIT 6190

EDIT 6170

EDIT6170 (Instructional Design) Summer 2008 Level: Graduate Delivery mode: Online Role: Teaching Assistant (primary responsibility: grading and monitoring course projects ) Use of Instructional Technology: Horizon Winbar Virtual Classroom and WebCT Click here to view Dr. Rieber’s Introduction to Instructional Design Online course website.