Fiscal Year-End Course

Interactive Timeline

This course is probably the shortest among all the Financial Fundamentals series, but it still contains a lot of information.

For the introduction part, I used Adobe After Effects as my main development tool. Different from last time with Asset Management course, this time I tried Kinetic Typography, and flat icon animation. Coooool.

In this course, the main topics are:

  • Roles and responsibilities of campus units
  • Fiscal Year-End timeline

Both topics fit perfectly with the Knight lab JS3 web applications, especially the second one. So I implemented both the Knight lab storymap JS3 and the timeline JS3 applications.

For my course narration audios, I modified the javascripts on the main html page, to allow the audio auto play when first load, and then stop as the slider advances.

fiscalYearEndCourseScreen1 fiscalYearEndCourseScreen2 fiscalYearEndCourseScreen3