The Garden Earth Naturalist Project

Garden Earth Naturalist: Developed with Html and Java

Tools: Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Final Cutpro

The Garden Earth Naturalists (GEN) online course prepares teachers for the Garden Earth Naturalists Kids Club. It includes eight modules of What is an Ecosystem?, Air Module, Biodiversity Module, Food Module, Pest Module, Pollination Module, Soil Module, and Water Module. Under each module, teachers review the Overview, Concepts, Essential Questions, Understandings, and the related Georgia Performance Standards. Teachers also download the curricula resources such as Quick Guides, Activities, UBD Plan, PowperPoints/Videos, Ecology Information, and Take Home Packets. As an instructional designer, I designed the entire website, including the website layout, the navigation, website logo, the fifteen customized header images, and all other graphics on the website.