I have taught or co-taught a variety of instructional design and development related courses, either undergraduate or graduate level during my doctoral study.

The course of Introduction of Computers to Teachers(EDIT2000) introduces not only instructional design tools including EDIT2000Spring2009productivity, webQuest, Inspiration/Kidspiration, iMovie, and Microsoft Photo Story, but also social, legal, and ethical issues related to computers and the Internet in a k-12 environment, and the use of social network tools in classrooms, such as delicious, Digg, twitter, Ning, and facebook. Students creates an electronic portfolio showcasing their projects as part of the course’s final evaluation.




EDIT4160Students in the other two advanced instructional design and development courses (EDIT4160 and EDIT6190) learn and develop their own projects with a wide range of instructional and media design tools, such as Flash CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, Fireworks, iMovie, Windows Moviemaker, Camtasia, and Captivate. The online graduate level instructional design course introduces the most generally practiced instructional design models and then facilitates students working on hands-on instructional design projects.



Based on my experiences in the classroom, I believe that the most efficient way for students to learn is to engage them in authentic, hands-on instructional design and development projects. In addition, challenging projects with higher order instructional goals and real world clients encourage students to develop a greater passion to learn. I am also interested in developing new courses related to instructional and learning phenomena and practices in the multi-user virtual environments, either independently or collaborating with other professors.